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Remember when everything was simpler? Before we had an electronic gadget for everything?

Remember the days before we had face-activated portable telephones, before our cars could advise us on the best route to any destination? Before our fridges could access the internet and before we owned gadgets that listen to every single thing we say in every conversation just in case we say “Alexa”?

If we wanted to turn the TV over, we walked up to it and pressed a different button. If we wanted to watch a film, we had to ensure the tape it was on was fully rewound first.

Who needs 4k HD TVs with pictures so realistic you could feel the people on them breathing? I want my audio fix to be crackly and come from a cassette, preferably a C-15 from WH Smiths, not DAB quality.

If you also yearn for simpler times, then you might like our podcast. (No guarantees, though.)

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