The most FA of all the Qs

How many listeners do you have?


The podcast is something I’m launching in June this year, so I’m only in the recording phase at the moment.  As a guide to how many people will be aware of it once it launches, I’ll be promoting it to my Twitter audience of approaching 45,000 followers, and each of my guests will no doubt give it a mention when their episodes air.  As ridiculous as this sounds, the total amount of social media followers that my guests combined have, (over Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram,) is approaching one million.  I have guests who are TV presenters, a film producer, an actor and puppeteer, Radio presenters and many YouTubers.


The YouTubers alone have 400,000+ followers over all their social media accounts, (which is mental!) but they will all happily share the podcast when their episodes air, and when their fellow ‘Tubers episodes air too.  I’ve found YouTubers to be possibly the most supportive group of people I’ve spoken to.


Also as a guide the “80sNostalgia Podcast” has been accepted onto, and is now listed on, podcast services iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Acast, Podbean and Player FM.  (The links to each of these services are on the menu on the right of this page.)  New episodes I release will show up on these services automatically.  It is also discoverable by asking Alexa to “Play 80sNostalgia Podcast” on Amazon Echo, depending on the users choice of podcast player.


I’ll also be promoting it on my established website directly,, as the podcast is being released to mark my sites 20th birthday.  (I do find it bonkers that if my website was a human, it would be legally allowed to vote!)


So although I cannot give you accurate listener numbers, because it hasn’t yet been launched, I hope this gives some indication of how many people will soon be aware of it.



Will you be allowing adverts?


No, but… in a pretend 80s way, yes.


My plan is to have a pretend advert break in each episode, and play audio from an original 80s advert.  Imagine how 80s it would be if midway through one of my interviews there was an “End of Part One”, the Shake n’ Vac jingle or the Smash Robots advert played, before “Part Two” kicked in!  That’s my dream, to make it as authentically 80s as possible.  I have an 80s style TV announcer at the beginning, an 80s theme tune and outtro music, 80s guests and would LOVE 80s adverts too.


In order to do this legally, I have had to contact a few companies to see if I can have their permission to “broadcast” audio from their original 80s adverts (share them, really).  Even though the end result is sharing brand awareness for their product, with no financial gain for me, I still need to get permission from them to help them.


The process of acquiring permission to broadcast someone elses audio is a long-winded one, especially if the audio is from 30 years ago.  The original performers / their agents need to be contacted and they need to allow use of it, the copyright holders need to give their permission, and usually you have to pay for the rights to broadcast it to either or both of these groups.


I have approached 10 companies to see if they will agree to me using their old adverts.  A few said no straight away, three have said they will look into it and the others have not replied as of yet.  I’m sure they’re still considering it though…


As part of the negotiations I’ve had to assure the companies that I am only sharing their old audio for pure nostalgia, and that I will not profit in any way from using their audio, and so I have had to agree to not allow external adverts from modern companies.  If this is the only way I can get permission to make my podcast even more 80s, then it’s a sacrifice I will make because, man, imagine how thoroughly 80s it would sound!


However, If none of the companies will allow me permission to use their audio, I’ll consider monetising my podcast because I have no reason not to.



Why are you doing a podcast?


It is’s 20th birthday in June 2019 and I was thinking of doing something to celebrate it.


The idea I had was to record a series of informal chats with people who I know either in real life or have chatted to online, kind of in an interview format but also kind of less formal than an interview. I just want to chat about general 80s things with some interesting people, record them and share them. It doesn’t matter to me if these people are famous or not – how interesting someone is doesn’t depend on how many other people know them. I mean, I think I’m quite interesting and I know precisely 17 people. 19 if I include my pets.


The best way to make these interviews available for people to hear used to be to add the audio to the website as a playable stream. Anyone who was browsing 80sNos could then listen to them online. There are a few interviews still on 80sNostalgia from years ago, but I don’t feel they get anywhere near as many plays as they deserve.


I guess the decline in people listening to interviews on a website shows that things are moving on. The best way for people to listen to audio interviews now seems to be to add them to some sort of automatic audio delivery service that doesn’t require someone to be sat at a PC in order to listen to something.