Episode Texts

Mark Read (B1rdy)

Mark was the original creator and owner of 80sNostalgia.com.  He launched it in 1999, built it up and made it one of the most popular 80s sites in the world.  Then in 2004, he gave it away to a complete stranger, for free.  Why?



Jonathan Sothcott

Jonathan is film producer and a huge fan of the 80s, He can name ALL the Transformers and he loves Hammer Horrors.  He was almost responsible for bringing the Carry On films back.



Nikki and Bunty – Nikki

Nikki wasn’t allowed to watch certain cartoons when she was young, because they were too magical.  She learned to program on a Spectrum +3, had a sweary parrot and aspired to be Penny from Inspector Gadget.



Rod Bell – Villordsutch

“Vil” was raised on a diet or pure Sci-Fi.  He had a ZX81 (which he still owns), loved his Spectrum and he doesn’t believe France exists.  (feat. DJ Slope from Slopes Game Room)



Paul Bennett

Paul is one of my longest friends, not only in length of time but also in height.  I bothered him recently for his memories about school and thoughts on now being a proper music promoter nowadays.



Andy Remic

Andy is a Spectrum Addict, a film maker and an author.  We discuss making his superb Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict films, how best to exact revenge in a novel if someone in real life is annoying you, and copying games. (feat. RetroJoe)






Mr Biffo – Paul Rose

Paul did the graphics for the scoreboard at Wembley Stadium and designed the teletext-style graphics for Ladbrokes.  He went on to work for Teletext and created Digistiser in the 90s.



Retro Man Cave – Neil Thomas

Neil is a YouTuber whose videos include the popular Trash to Treasure series, where he fully restores old systems.



Octav1us Kitten – Sarah

Octav1us is a YouTuber whose videos include reviews of old systems, livestreams of gameplay and a smattering of Horace.



Derek Findas

Derek is a TV presenter in 1984.  His show, On The Spectrum, is the most popular Spectrum-based TV show in his town.



Gaming Muso – James

James has been a gamer since the 80s, playing on a Spectrum and his NES.  He also sings, plays guitar and keyboard.