Preview Episode 2 – Speccy, C64 or Amstrad?

Which was better – the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC 464 or the Commodore 64?

I asked a bunch of YouTube people, like Gaming Muso, Octav1us, Villordsutch, Nikki and Bunty and Derek Findas.  You may find a Jonathan Sothcott in there too!The 80sNostalgia Podcast launches on 9th June 2019. 

If you can’t wait until then, grab your DeLorean and set course for “The Future.”

Episode 0: The Preview

The 80sNostalgia podcast is launching June 2019. Send your ears some pleasing sounds by listening to the preview below. Its less than 3 minutes long and it features excerpts from some great chats: @illarterate talking about his least favourite mouse. @Octav1usKitten chatting about Horace. @GamingMuso making bizarre noises. @Horsenburger recreating

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Coming Soon

Remember when everything was simpler? Before we had an electronic gadget for everything? Remember the days before we had face-activated portable telephones, before our cars could advise us on the best route to any destination? Before our fridges could access the internet and before we owned gadgets that listen to

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