Episode 3 – Pat Sharp (feat Bunty)

Pat Sharp was probably best knows as the presenter of Fun House, the kids TV show that ran for 12 years.  He has also been a radio DJ (his first job was at Radio One, which he wasn’t too fussed about!) and a Satellite Video Jockey.  I asked him what was actually in the Fun House gunge.. it isn’t good…

Spoken Intro by Joe Gooch
Spoken Intro Background Music by Chris Haugen
Intro Music provided by Ben
Interval Music : 1 bit Pirate
Intermission VO provided by Bunty from the Twitter Internets
Intermission Music : Itty Bitty 8 Bit by Kevin MacLeod

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Episode 2 – Games You Loved and Numskull

Chris (Games You Loved) and Ryan (Numskull) were both at Play Expo Manchester in May.  I decided to bother them with my unique* brand of questioning. 

They discuss their favourite arcade games, handheld consoles, the Pac-Man quarter scale arcade machine and I tell my Dragons Lair story yet again.

*below average

Music provided by Ben.

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Episode 1 – Mark Read aka B1rdy

Mark was the original creator and owner of 80sNostalgia.com.  He launched it in 1999, built it up and made it one of the most popular 80s sites in the world.  Then in 2004, despite being offered thousands of pounds for it, he gave it away to a complete stranger, for free.  Why?

Spoken Intro provided by Duncan Newmarch.
Theme music provided by Ben.
Shake and Vac advert used with permission from SC Johnson.

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Episode 0: The Preview

The 80sNostalgia podcast is launching June 2019. Send your ears some pleasing sounds by listening to the preview below. Its less than 3 minutes long and it features excerpts from some great chats: @illarterate talking about his least favourite mouse. @Octav1usKitten chatting about Horace. @GamingMuso making bizarre noises. @Horsenburger recreating

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